Thanks for stopping by the Bronco Hockey Hotstove.

Founded in 2011, we provide independent coverage that is intelligent, relevant and unafraid.  We know hockey, tell the truth and love it when the Lawson Lunatics inform Puck Boy via chant that Santa doesn’t exist.  We aren’t savin’ lives over here, but we will give you intelligent Bronco hockey coverage that’s rich with perspective and fun.


Rick Shanley covered WMU hockey for the Kalamazoo Gazette from 2005-09, primarily for photo ops like these.  E-mail him at rickshanley@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Is that the iron skillet I got you for your birthday in that picture?


  2. broncohockeyhotstove is just a cover to attract hot girls. thinking about starting a blog also, southhavengirlsgolfhotstove….

  3. My sons favorite sport is Hockey! He talks about it day and night! I hate you!!

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